WOmen! All of them yet few of them.

As I sit, in one of the high end Designer boutique shopping hub of Delhi(capital cum cosmopolitan state of our great country India). Here , all I see, urbane-high flying designer ladies, hot women with swanky cars ,metrosexual men and high-end clientele swarming around. Every designer having exquisite style statement and taste to cater. Although it is a village with broken roads, improper public infrastructure with quite a village feel. I acknowledge the fact how dis-parity has grown in India and has always existed, how the world is divided into  layers of cake….

Then suddenly I see this conservative village sort woman standing on the balcony of lower class of society. She is clad in typical Indian style of dressing, has a long sort of tikka (holy red colour powder ). She is gazing out of her balcony and talking on the phone, with a wail on her face hiding the semi-face. She look down on ladies dressed up in a very modern manner, yet she is not very intimidated, not bothered, maybe she is feeling a sense of rebel and not showing.. She seems to be waiting for someone, looking out for her husband maybe who has to return home after work.. So is her destiny to look after her family. She is shuffling between going inside her home and coming out,. her responsibilities maybe!!!

As every one is born with their own destiny, some design it and some leave it to the fate. Those who fight it can and survive it and make a difference in this world, where there is dire need of still a lot of change to be made at every level.  People are lost and finding their sense of purpose. They do everything as the society expects them to be, some do what they always wanted to do, maybe by following their dreams. How bold are you, how well can you realise this is the right opportunity to strike, this is the right time to take action before its too late. Time is running away , its flying away…. And there is so much to do, so many people out there to meet, so many people to learn from, to listen to, to talk to, to relate to, to share with. We are just the part of this ecosystem, where everything is co-xisting…. yet nothing is intermingling, nothing seems to stick to it for a long time.

People are just shifting bases, pages, swiping  their phone screens, their contact lists, their messages, their pictures, their events, their thoughts! When will this world realise that this entire state of utter disruption and commotion can be harmful!!


Is it Chinese Bioweapon, or is it really the nature taking revenge?

With this novel Coronavirus hitting each and every one of us with tons of anxiety, isolations, lockdowns, online news filling us with more misery, cases reported in quatity around the world. The worst affected places being, iconic Europe. Thanks to Chinese. why the world wasn’t checking on them? Is it a BIO WEAPON? How can it just spread over so vastly? It must have been some hell of a conspiracy. Did China think its time to rule the world? Or is it nature’s revenge?  Please share your thought?

R we seeking our own Tyrants, Adolf Hitlers? 

It’s a beautiful winter morning, I am still amidst waking up..but before I am fully awake.. I go to the study room and search for this one book that has been literally magnetically pulling me towards itself…..   I, while attempting to find my own purpose in life… keep searching the right note, right paragraph, the right saying…. right mentor..  who can steer my life… well. look how dependent I am!! .  Just since childhood, we are conditioned to trust the faith, higher power or some enlightened magical power, God, religions… .by our teachers, parents ..else we won’t be able to survive. There is a risk of life if we had our own way of thinking.. or trusting ourselves first. So, basically, a child is spoonfed with all the faith, believes about God, fixed regime, and is given a readymade answer to be able to exert and find out his own truth about life. Because society doesn’t like people with new rules.  Just like an author named Soren Kierkegaard has written a book called Either/or..which is his self-portrayal of life about not being able to make firm decisions. He could not choose if given 2 situations, he could not use the path standing on the crossroads as all lead to some destination…He kept thinking!! His decision making was so poor…. he couldn’t decide to marry the girl is !! What a mental block!. How crippled mentally can societal rules make you, that your own reality gets blurred in the process… so and so… that it said.. he died 1 day before his wealth got over…

Is self love bad?..it dles gets termed as narcissism….Although too much of self-love can make you selfish…on the other hand if you don’t love your own self then how will you love others….Trust is the biggest respect you offer an individual. A cheater does not know how to respect that fact!!.. We, humans, are meant to trust each other…we r meant to create a harmonious environment of give and take mutual understanding. Mannier times it happens if you love someone who hates his/her own self. ., you are destroying the concept of their own perception… Such people according to psychologists , have  been hurt , or harbouring hate. In order to be happy and be able to have that self-love they need to forgive the people whom they hate or who are their enemies… in the path to heal themselves. This is a very deep thought…. yet very crucial to understand… As per Nichiren Buddishm… they say by condemnation, Speaking I’ll of the enemy or harbouring negative feelings..always leads to increase in poison of ones own self…. and the other person whom you detest is hardly bothered.. 


Let it be.

So, the story behind everywoman’s life is , she wants to do as much in this lifetime and achieve something. But the forces happen to say f**k off and do the way we want you to.       The world itself is a place where you have survival of the fittest and yet this circumstance crap!!  Are we building our own walls or are the walls building us??

       Being an Indian married at more the less right age and yet not aware of how it happened…and why! It has left me question my existence. As to wether the right partner I have landed with or not? Could he been better? Could I have had done better?              What is the meaning of my life and what is it that I will to accomplish? I can do it or.  May do it.. will do it…!!! Am I getting suicidal or Am I just contemplating the very aspect of my free flowing thoughts?

     But there is surely an ideal world.. an ideal look .. an ideal thought.. a dream! A DREAM I WILL ACCOMPLISH.. MY OWN AMBITIONS THAT I AM AFTER.   THIS VERY PICTURE IN WHICH I EXIST.. HOW I DONOT KNOW!!!

 passed out stash! 

Like it or not. Its the viewpoint.. which is the newpoint. The graver the situation .the depth of the well becomes quite shallow. More I see.. more I get convinced there is a lot to be done with this 1 life we have!! 


The true design and art amalgamated with creative thoughts is what it is about. A picture speaks thousand words.. its how the body movements depict every emotion.. every thought behind whats done or not… soft jazz when is playing behind your back.Life is trying to give you what you ever wanted take it ! love it.. adore it.. be a part of it. Donot run away, donot make an excuse.. donot  step back.. seize every moment passing by. Never mind the consequences…

Design is so integrated in everyday life. 

Ethnicwear or colour overload..

Indie fashion is all about razmataz.. The intricate work of indian artisians and craftsmen is beyond admiration. Yet too much colour and the bling element. Inspite of that its the largest market. Women around the world fancy indian ethnic wear in weddings. Showing the perfect bodies in chania cholis.. lehenga skirts with blouses like crop tops.. backless as well as long scarves called dupattas swirling around like pretty drapes on the body  covering a little bit. 

Human flesh.. or is it plastic we are after.?

Sexuality has always been overated and will remain overrated. Looking at these perfect figurines made of plastic, i donot see the difference in today’s man’s expectations and woman’s aspirations. With so many kinds of cosmetics and plastic surgical facilities available itisnotvery difficult to look like these dolls!! 

   The question is why? What is the difference in the soul and ‘life’ God has graced us with? …..Is it only the surface we are after??Animal instincts?

Fabrics and colours

The story of the world is all about how the people have draped themselves. Amidst the pretty , beautiful sarees and drapes full of vibrant colours of Asia I saw the love of the people. Its not only what they sell ,its also how dedicated they are in hospitality.